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A Lifetime of Healthy Smiles – Protecting Your Child’s Teeth Begins Before the First One Appears

/ February 19, 2016

Start Good Habits Begin a dental routine for your child as early as birth. “Wipe your child’s gums with a clean washcloth after each feeding,” said Shawn Henderson, MBA, dental practice manager for Mission Children’s Hospital. “This sets a routine and gets your child used to your involvement.” When baby teeth appear, brush your child’s […]

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Summer’s Here! Keep the Kids Safe from the Sun

/ June 21, 2016

Angela Allen-Helms of McDowell Pediatrics in Marion offers these great tips for keeping your little ones safe from the sun’s rays, as seen in the latest edition of WNC Parent. As long, dark winter days give way to the bright, sun-filled days of summer, it’s important to review essential tips for reducing your child’s risk for skin damage. […]

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