3 Mission Hospital Nurses Awarded the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses

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Join us in congratulating our most recent Mission Hospital quarterly DAISY Award Honorees for Extraordinary Nurses!

Kayla Peninger, RN, BSN

Nomination from a family member

“This young woman is one of the best. My sister was diagnosed with cancer on 22 of August. She is a 12-hr employee that never showed anger, tiredness, being overwhelmed. She did not make any wrong decisions because she was fully aware of my sister’s care. She was very compassionate, I felt as if she could be my daughter. She treated us all as if we were living in her home. My sister’s catheter came out and she fixed it and cleaned her up without complaining. She is truly a great caregiver. Kayla always knew what to do! The computer was a breeze for her. She never stressed over anything. She waited patiently for her turn to complete a task. When the doctors were in the room, she did not interrupt. She was extremely thoughtful and I thank her for everything! Super sweet woman!

She was very professional and nice to everyone. She is very caring, compassionate and professional. Great Nurse!”

John Parmenter, RN, BSN
CV Progressive Care

Nomination #1 from a patient

“John took care of me 4 nights in a row. He immediately checked in every shift and did a thorough assessment. He was a professional and friendly, constantly putting me at ease. He never pulled “rank” on me but rather listened attentively to me and my wife with any concerns. Several times during my post-op stay during periods of panic/anxiety and then delirium, he recognized the signs and symptoms of impending anxiety attacks. He routinely checked all CABG, chest tube & drain sites, measuring output meticulously. Anytime my wife would put the call light on during the night, he was in the room immediately, something that may be lacking in other staff. He developed a trusting relationship with me and I looked forward to having him on every night. Both my wife and I felt very comfortable when we knew John was on duty. He is relatively a new nurse, but I believe he could teach other staff about compassion and understanding, as well as using critical thinking when making decisions. He immediately called the CVPA on call last night when I developed some facial drooping, knowing it was imperative that this be assessed quickly. My wife and I highly recommend John for this award. Mission is lucky to have him.”

Nomination #2 from a patient

On Tuesday July 30, I was transferred to Mission from Angel after having already spent 5 days there. I had already had multiple tests, was in pain, was in AFIB and had just found out I likely had cancer, so I was already stressed and frustrated. When I was put in my room and met my nurse, I felt like I had known him for years and he treated me as if we were already old friends. That helped me to have trust in him which helped reduce my stress. During the 3 nights has was my nurse, I always looked forward to his arrival in the evening. He consistently showed his dedication to his job and I saw him treat everyone with respect, regardless of who it was. His positive, and upbeat attitude helped keep me stay encouraged and optimistic. He was an advocate for me when tests were ordered so that they did not interfere with my rest while allowing time for testing. He was proactive and anticipated my needs, whether medication or getting out of bed, so that I did not wait unnecessarily. When I first converted out of Afib, he rushed excitedly into my room and was genuinely excited to tell me it had happened and celebrated with me. He even got my phone so I could call my wife to tell her, and I had to leave a message and she was unable to reach me and called the nurse’s station, he excitedly shared the good news with her.

John always took time to answer any questions my family and I had and helped us know and understand everything that was going on. My family was reassured that I was in excellent hands so they could leave in the evenings to rest without worrying about me, which meant that I did not need to worry about them either. While I have had good nurses during my stay, John was truly exceptional and in a class above the rest. At a time when things were confusing and stressful he brought encouragement and positivity that was critical to my healing.

Jason Troemel, RN, BSN
Neuro-Trauma ICU

Nomination #1 from a family member

“Jason is one of the best nurses in Asheville, NC. Jason always provided respectful and positive care for my husband. Since the day, my husband was admitted he was supportive, encouraging, and guiding us in the best way to go. His attitude and professionalism has made me and my family feel comfortable and safe. He is truly a credit to his profession. Thank you so much.”

Nomination #2 from a family member

“Jason was very good with the care of my friend. He showed nothing but love in his care and I would like to say thank you! He was a blessing from the lord above and he will always hold a special place in my heart. Continue to be great at your craft and when I return, Moe’s Wings are on me! With much love and gratitude!”

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