Mission Health CEO Tapped to Testify Before Congress on Drug Pricing Program, Testimony Highlights Investment in Community

Mission Health President and Chief Executive Officer Ronald A. Paulus, MD was tapped to testify before the a subcommittee of the U.S. House of Representatives’ on Oct. 11, 2017. During his testimony Dr. Paulus highlighted Mission Health’s 130-year legacy of compassionate caring as well as its charity care and community benefit activities.

“Mission Health is a community health leader,” said Dr. Paulus. “As part of our work, we manage a forward-thinking community investment program that identifies and funds organizations working to address the most urgent underserved health needs in the region.”

Funding of these community programs are made possible in part by a federally funded 340 B drug pricing program. That program is vital to ensure patients’ ability to receive the services they desperately need, particularly given that nearly 70% of Mission Health’s patients are covered by Medicare, Medicaid or are uninsured. This program helped Mission Health save more than $37 million in 2016, a cost savings, which was in turn redirected to ensure Mission Health’s patients received the care they needed – no matter what.

Those same savings helped Mission Health provide more than $183 million in 2016 community investment including offering valuable community programs such as a walk-in urgent care for those with acute behavioral health needs, a child abuse victim advocacy center and services for victims of domestic and sexual abuse.

“Our 340 B program savings as well as our charity care and community benefit activities support one another,” said Dr. Paulus. “Both are a direct result of the growth of our system, which has been driven by the need to support struggling or failing hospitals and physicians in rural areas of our community.”

To learn more about Mission Health’s investment in western North Carolina, click here.

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