WLOS Health Alert: McDowell Hospital Pharmacist Dan Garrett Recognized for Innovative “Asheville Project”

WLOS — ASHEVILLE — One pharmacist believes it takes the entire medical community to promote better health and druggists are no exception.

With the help of pharmacist Dan Garrett, longtime healthcare provider Donna Borowski took another approach to battle diabetes.

“I was diagnosed at 50 with diabetes, having had a strong family history,” Borowski said.

She is still on her feet, even exercising in professional attire when need be, all because of Garrett and his innovative program.

“Diabetes is something you live with on a daily basis,” Borowski said. “You understand you either control it or it controls you, and through The Asheville Project I’ve learned how to take very good care of myself.”

“What The Asheville Project was about was creating opportunities for pharmacists to work with patients on a day-by-day basis so they could make a difference in their lives,” program founder Garrett said.

With Garrett’s encouragement and instruction, Borowski has lost 80 pounds, reduced medication and regained life.

“The goal is every day to eat right, exercise, take my medicine, manage my stress, and take care of myself,” Borowski said.

“There’s no cure for type II diabetes, but you can manage it and lead a healthy life,” Garrett said.

Recently the American Pharmacists’ Association recognized Garrett for his innovation, helping communities and employers get a better handle on patients’ diabetes.

Garrett’s pharmacist-involved approach begun in North Carolina in the 1970s and has now spread to more than 40 states.


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