Cancer Care of WNC Featured in WLOS Health Alert

WLOS — ASHEVILLE — “Finding out that I had cancer was that I passed out on a ladder,” recalled 69-year-old Stanley Vibbert.

He quickly learned that in addition to bumps and bruises, he also had multiple myeloma — in essence, cancer of the bone marrow.

Five years from the diagnosis, Vibbert remains in a clinical trial that combines three chemo drugs instead of two, and foregoes a stem cell transplant.

“It works. It improves the survival by a number of years,” Dr. Mohan Thakuri of Cancer Care of WNC said of Vibbert’s regimen.

“My last blood work showed no traces of cancer in my system,” added Vibbert.

His success is among numerous clinical trials under way at Cancer Care of WNC and Mission Health.

“Some of the mature programs right now are in the areas of breast cancer and lung cancer,” explained Dr. Steven Limentani, vice president of Mission Cancer Services.

Doctors say the goal of the trials is to learn what works and what doesn’t.

That way future patients will live longer, quality lives while receiving the new standard of care advanced by patients, providers and facilities taking part in today’s clinical trials.

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