Mission Health Employee’s Inspirational Blog Gets National Attention

Blog-Melina ArrowoodMarried to a paramedic, Melina Arrowood sees firsthand what it takes to fulfill such an honorable role. She shares a powerful message in a tribute to paramedics that was published in The Huffington Post. Melina is a clinical operations manager for Mission Health, and also the author of the inspirational nursing blog, Our Front Door.

Before recently transitioning to one of Mission Health’s community hospitals, Transylvania Regional Hospital, Melina was a nursing manager in the emergency department at Mission Hospital. Melina was also featured in Mission Health’s nursing campaign, Our Nursing Story, where we captured her unique and inspiring nursing journey: “I want to be the best part of their worst day.

Below is an excerpt from her blog, as featured by The Huffington Post.

If you only knew the things that I have seen. All the tears that have dripped down my face as I worked what I was sure would be my last call, only to be wiped away by sweaty gloved hands. In this game, there is no time for tears.

If you only knew the sensation of being jolted awake, at 3am, time and time again. Until sleep no longer feels necessary to survive and your body, your mind, becomes numb. I am so tired of being numb.

If you only knew the weight of a wife as she crumbles to the floor when I pronounce her husband dead. In the very same spot that their young baby took his first steps just hours before. His first birthday cake still on the kitchen table, and I feel my chest caving in. I’ve carried her weight on my shoulders since that day. …

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