Dr. Paulus Participates in Webinar on Physician Burnout, Highlights Mission Health’s reNEW Initiative

Mission Health President and CEO Ronald A. Paulus, MD, was featured Sept. 19 in a webinar targeting medical professionals across the country to discuss the growing problem of physician burnout and the steps taken by Mission Health to reverse the trend.

“Countering physician burnout is rightly becoming a priority at a time when our region’s and our nation’s medical needs continue to grow,” Dr. Paulus said. “Mission Health’s reNEW program is a systemwide continuous improvement initiative that is aimed at reducing hassles, improving efficiency, and innovating how we operate and work together at every level by empowering and engaging team members.”

He explained that health officials’ ability to proactively tackle the problem nationwide will be central to reversing some alarming industry statistics, including:

  • 73 percent of physicians would not recommend their profession to their children
  • 30 percent of primary care physicians aged 25 to 49 expect to leave the medical field
  • America will face a shortage of 25,000 surgeons by 2025

“Rekindling joy among our clinicians is central to our approach to patient care and it is at the core of everything we do,” Dr. Paulus noted.  “Mission Health recognizes that to properly care for patients, we also have to properly care for our caregivers.”

Dr. Paulus and other webinar participants recently penned a report – “Physician Burnout in America: A Roadmap for Restoring Joy and Purpose to Medicine” – that provided advice for hospitals and hospital systems interested in implementing strategies similar to Mission Health’s reNEW program.

The presentation can also be viewed in its entirety here.

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